CGI ProperPay provides predictive analytics, workflow management, rules management and global best practices for reducing healthcare claims fraud, waste and abuse. Available in the secure Microsoft Azure Cloud, the solution also leverages Cortana Intelligence Suite to harness machine learning, perceptual ...
Overview of CGI health IT solutions and services. CGI builds and manages business, clinical and IT solutions for the complex and mission-critical operations of public and private sector health organizations.

Federal health agencies have been entrusted with delivering citizen-centric services that enable access to healthcare and health information, improve quality of care, and reduce costs. CGI harnesses technology as an enabler of health. Our clients include the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT, the Department of Veterans Affairs, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. We apply our deep expertise in developing and integrating business and IT solutions to drive digital transformation and health innovation. Our key capabilities include:

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Digital services

CGI's digital services experts work closely with clients on websites and mobile applications to execute digital strategies that secure and expedite the availability of data citizens need to make informed decisions. As a Capability Maturity Model Integration® (CMMI) Software Development Level 5 organization, we take a disciplined approach to the design, implementation, security and ongoing maintenance of web portals and mobile applications.

  • Case in point: As a partner to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, CGI has led the development, innovation and support of and, services that make it easy for beneficiaries to access Medicare information. This includes “Blue Button,” a simple process for registered users to download personal Medicare information.
Health analytics

CGI works with providers, payers, public health agencies and health policy organizations to unleash the power of data to improve quality, access to care and system performance.

  • Case in point: CGI ProperPay uses predictive analytics, machine learning and perceptual intelligence to identify improperly paid healthcare claims, and has recovered more than $2.8 billion for government and commercial payers.
Health information technology

CGI offers a wide range of systems integration and infrastructure services designed to improve operational efficiencies and enhance business processes.

  • Case in point: On the Provider Statistical and Reimbursement System (PS&R), a web-based, 13-terabyte (TB) data warehousing system that grows at 1.5 TB/year, CGI centralized disparate legacy systems written in COBOL and Clipper and made them available via a web-based interface.
Health Interoperabilty

CGI delivers interoperability solutions that promote the availability and usability of health information.

  • Case in point: CGI works with the Federal Health Architecture (FHA) and other strategic partners to develop the federal government’s most widely adopted, open source gateway for the secure exchange of health information. Known as CONNECT, this transport gateway enables a patient’s health record to follow his or her journey throughout the healthcare system. CGI’s CONNECT services and solutions include, system integration and application management, CGI EHR Gateway™ and Dashboard and the CGI Health Cloud.
Population health

CGI harnesses technology to support public health professionals in their efforts to protect citizens and raise the overall health of populations.

  • Case in point: CGI supports the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Division of Informatics Solutions and Operations systems, which play a critical role in reporting on health and disease trends, and in alerting the nation to public health emergencies and outbreaks.
Program integrity

CGI is a leader in healthcare claims audit and recovery and has extensive experience in building healthcare program integrity systems that foster transparency and deter fraud.

  • Case in point: Our CGI ProperPay solution and services reduce claims fraud, waste and abuse (FWA) to help Medicare, Medicaid and commercial payers recover lost payments due to improper claims.