The ability to observe the Earth from beyond its atmosphere- from space, has been growing ever since the first man-made object launched into orbit. That ability has made quantum leaps during the past decade, bringing an incomparable volume of satellite imagery and a geospatial data explosion. Our clients depend on that data for precise weather forecasts and storm warnings, and for the navigational systems that guide ships, aircraft, and personal vehicles to their destinations, to name just two common applications. 

With that data comes a new set of technical challenges, which in turn creates opportunities to better monitor and manage those challenges. CGI has decades of experience and fully understands the software and systems needed to meet these challenges. We provide innovative, secure, cost-effective, mission critical solutions for the satellite communications industry. 

To learn more about our work with satellite data in meteorology, navigation and other disciplines, and to explore our CGI GeoData360 solution stop by booth 143 to talk with a CGI expert. Not able to attend the event? No worries. Click to get in touch with us.