With more than four decades of experience across the public and private sectors, Darlene Coen is an agile business strategist who brings strategic leadership to CGI Federal’s client-focused mission. As Acquisition Strategy Lead in CGI Federal’s Consulting, Applications, Solutions, and Technology (CAST) business unit, Ms. Coen leads internal strategic development and creates growth opportunities by bridging a common understanding across the sectors.

Prior to joining CGI Federal, Ms. Coen served as the Deputy Director and Director of Strategy and Acquisition for the NASA Solutions for Enterprise-Wide Acquisition Contract (SEWP), an Office of Management and Budget (OMB) designated, Government-Wide Acquisition Contract (GWAC), providing access to the latest in information and communications technology products to the entire federal government. A recognized industry leader, Ms. Coen is a FED100 Award and Coalition for Government Procurement Excellence in Partnership (EIP) Lifetime Acquisition Excellence Award recipient.