Enterprises and government agencies can accelerate time-to-market for innovative software, take advantage of elastic infrastructure and better manage costs by moving the right workloads to a cloud-native application platform.

CGI can help you develop a cloud-native development strategy optimized for your business goals, IT skillsets and existing infrastructure. We can also develop new applications or build an actionable plan to migrate your existing applications to an optimal mix of public and private clouds to realize the benefits of cloud while avoiding provider lock-in.

Agile business requires modernization

The need to innovate new products and services quickly at scale, using a combination of integrated technologies, requires a modern approach. The business goal of cloud-native development is to enable organizations to rapidly deliver innovative software to end users in shorter times than ever before. This acceleration is often measured by multiple releases to production each day. 

Cloud-native application platforms, also called platform-as-a-service (PaaS), enable rapid application build and deployment using cloud infrastructure, while also delivering the robust scalability, health monitoring and dynamic provisioning required for web-scale operations.

Our cloud-native services include:

  • Cloud-native portfolio analysis - Structured analysis of the existing application portfolio identifies candidates for cloud-native application transformation.
  • Cloud-native design workshop – We use human-centered design methods to design a minimal viable product (MVP) concept.
  • Brownfield or greenfield cloud-native sprint - An initial set of representative applications are migrated, or an MVP for a new application is developed.
  • Cloud platform implementation – We use a highly automated, repeatable approach.
  • Cloud-native transformation - We leads individual application transformation projects, manage an application transformation program, and scale cloud-native adoption across the enterprise.
  • Cloud-native production & scale - We manage your cloud-native platform, ensuring it is continuously patched, regularly upgraded and maintained at the highest level of security using best practices.