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Transforming the housing finance ecosystem

CGI AccuLender is a collaborative platform that complements mortgage lenders’ current loan origination system (LOS) investment and optimizes business processes using data, predictive analytics and emerging technologies to drive straight-through and parallel processing. CGI AccuLender lowers operational costs by 30-50%, reduces cycle time to 10-15 days and meaningfully increases revenues through improved pull-through rates.

CGI’s unique position in the financial services industry

CGI is a leading systems integrator in the financial services industry, a trusted advisor to the top 7 U.S. banks and strategic partner to U.S. government-sponsored enterprises. We also have deep expertise in human-centered design and experience applying technology including AI, machine learning, data sciences and more, to achieve transformation for our clients.

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Woman working on computer

Modern platform

Our collaborative platform integrates new technology including AI and machine learning with your existing investments, creating a fully digitized ecosystem.

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Data-driven automation

Automating manual actions, including exemption identification and resolution, enables optimized processing and maximizes data-driven decisions.



Industry best-practices and partnerships

Our cross-industry experience and banking partnerships enable continuous peer comparison, improvement, and proactive transformation of the housing finance ecosystem.

Improved margins

Our platform enables users to focus on priority tasks, shortening origination fulfillment timelines, improving mortgage loan quality and reducing operational costs by 30-50%.

Revenue growth

By increasing straight-through processing and streamlining exceptions and conditions handling, CGI AccuLender improves mortgage pull-through rates by 2-12% and increases revenue.

Improved customer experience

CGI AccuLender allows lenders to focus on delivering an exceptional customer experience with a platform that delivers a transparent, quick and easy mortgage process that meets the modern demands of your customers.

Enhanced performance benchmarking

Using predictive analytics and peer group performance comparisons, CGI AccuLender enables continuous improvement and reduces risk and operational bottlenecks.

Optimized processing

Machine learning models and data-driven processes automate manual tasks and drive efficient processing, leading to reduced mortgage cycle times, from 45 to 10-15 days, and improved borrower and lending partner experiences.

Certified integration partner for Fannie Mae's Desktop Underwriter

As an integration partner for Fannie Mae’s Desktop Underwriter, CGI AccuLender enables data-driven automation and innovation, allowing lenders to re-imagine mortgage processing and underwriting. By adding underwriting conditions and initiating borrower information requests automatically, leveraging machine learning and AI, CGI AccuLender removes traditional “stare and compare” and provides underwriters the ability to decision loans with the least number of clicks and touches.


Connect with us to learn more about CGI AccuLender

Are you ready to learn how our platform can optimize business processes using data, predictive analytics and emerging technologies? Now that you know more about our approach, we are excited to speak with you to determine how our solutions and services can be used to address your unique needs. Learn more by connecting with us below.