The current global pandemic is impacting regulated utilities in unprecedented ways. With economic fallout and stay-at-home orders, previously approved utility rate structures are no longer holding in the current market. To assist utilities with cost recovery tracking, CGI has built a quick-scaling solution to effectively mine and allocate data for pandemic response costs to assist with the regulatory cost recovery effort.

Utility demand from commercial and industrial customers has significantly shifted to residential customers, while utility residential disconnections have been suspended in most states. These conditions, combined with reduced and mobility-constrained workforce, are leaving utilities with a significantly unrecovered cost burden that will negatively impact the financial health of regulated utilities over time. It will take several months for the regulators to finalize the rulings on cost recovery. For now, utilities are asked keep track of costs and lost revenues. Regulatory treatment may vary from state to state. Built on the Salesforce platform, our cost recovery dashboard brings comprehensive, clear views of the utilities’ cost recovery landscape.