U.S. Healthcare is complex.  While progress continues towards improvement, organizations are still challenged to respond quickly and effectively to new regulatory requirements and mandates. On top of that, organizations must meet today’s digital health consumer requirements for a superior patient experience. More than ever, becoming a digital organization to meet patient expectations is top of mind, along with interoperability, cybersecurity, health reform, and operations optimization.

Deep healthcare expertise

Partnering with public and private health organizations for more than 30 years, CGI has developed a deep understanding of the issues, environments and regulatory demands facing our clients, including ever-evolving standards for sharing health information. As a result, our dedicated health practice helps clients anticipate challenges and achieve real change by addressing business and policy issues in parallel with technology for better engagement, adoption and results. Many of our members serve on boards, committees or work groups  in associations such as AHIP, HIMSS, DIA, and MCC to continually advance our knowledge.

Global, cross-sector perspective on health

In the U.S., CGI has a unique position as a trusted advisor across the federal, state and commercial health spectrum. Our solutions support more than 55 million Medicare beneficiaries, Over 230 providers and health departments, Over 200,000 licensed healthcare professionals, and many leading healthcare payers. In Canada, CGI is one of the largest integrators and providers of health informatics and shared services. We are also the leading healthcare IT provider in Finland and Sweden, and a leading provider in Denmark.