A key component of digital transformation is improving the customer experience to promote self-service. Today’s citizens expect easy-to-find information, regardless of digital device used, with intuitive experiences consistent across all touchpoints.

Federal agencies can meet citizen expectations and accelerate digital transformation by incorporating customer experience design into application development efforts. Agencies can harness insights gained from users—whether from observation, feedback or testing—to make informed design decisions early in the development process and iteratively evaluate options through prototyping and usability testing.

CGI services

CGI offers consulting services to enable agencies to make the shift to user-centered design and improve their digital experiences by bringing customer focus to the forefront. We guide agencies through the customer experience design process, incorporating Agile methodologies and an iterative design process to maximize outcome and client return on investment.

  • Customer experience strategy: We conduct current state assessments of customer touchpoints and create enterprise-level roadmaps to align customer experience improvement projects with business goals. We work with agencies to evangelize user-centered design principles and communicate their return on investment.

  • Experience design: We help agencies create a mobile-first, user interface design based on user research. Starting with an information architecture based on persona definition and user journey mapping, we define flow and interaction patterns through clickable wireframes. We apply branding and visual design standards to high fidelity mock-ups. We collaborate with development teams for technical feasibility and conduct testing of user interface code for integrity of the user experience. Our proven user-centered design framework is based on industry best practices and lessons learned to align user needs and business goals.

  • Rapid prototyping: Using Agile methodologies, we create iterative prototypes, allowing for continuous user input throughout the design lifecycle and reduce delivery time, rework and cost. We convey interaction design to product owners and conduct usability testing, from the early stages of development through product delivery.

  • Usability testing and analysis: We partner with agencies to develop a plan for usability testing, including definition of metrics and success criteria. We use one-on-one moderated testing, focus groups, surveys and automated testing for continuous improvement of the customer experience. We introduce processes for governance and inclusion of design recommendations into project backlogs.

  • Content strategy: We help agencies audit, plan and create content as part of a content management system (CMS) implementation or content migration, providing text and visual assets that are cohesive, meaningful, findable and useful. This includes voice and branding, taxonomy, source workflow, content creation, metadata, governance and search engine optimization.

  • Workshops and training: CGI partners with agencies to strategize a management plan for socialization and adoption of customer-centric principles, including workshops in design thinking and user-centered design training targeted to business, recruiting and technology. We also provide assistance in establishing a customer experience design practice.