Middleware is hard to architect, license, design, implement, patch, configure and deploy for the first time and standardise on an on-going basis for any organisation.

CGI can provide a complete Platform as a Service built from Oracle Fusion Middleware products. The environment provides management and security, using Oracle Enterprise Manager plus Oracle Identity and Access Management Suite, to manage and secure the core solution.Additional application services from Oracle Database, WebLogic, Service Bus, SOA Suite, BPM Suite and WebCenter Suite component can be added to create a complete integration and customisation platform.

You would have:

  • Ability to develop consentient business processes across the enterprise
  • Help in Legacy integration, ERP integration and  opening a route to the cloud, whilst securing your data and unlocking its potential
  • Help in implementing Secure Social, Mobile, Web and Enterprise data presentation
  • A platform to enable Migration off End of Life solutions, new product PoCs - specifically Oracle Fusion Apps. It can also be positioned as part of hardware accelerators

We at CGI can provide an Engineered Solution from Oracle and the Fusion factory.

The Fusion Factory

We have designed Fusion Factory (with the support of Oracle) specifically so you can combine factory-style productivity to keep costs down with a more nimble, innovation-focused approach to adapt to rapid change. We do this by separating the provision of the underlying architecture, based on Oracle Fusion Middleware, Database, Security and Portal Services, from the integration and customisation solutions reliant on it.

Currently at CGI, we have

  • A pre built and configured Oracle Middleware platform of Enterprise scale
  • It is a mix of CGI Accelerators, our ‘Know-How’ of the Oracle Fusion Middleware, which is designed for Cloud or on premise deployments along with supporting consulting services
  • It will soon have the Hybrid Cloud element added to our core platform offering
  • Fusion Factory is a proven Reference Architecture that is deployed, operational, and can be demonstrated and delivered.
  • It provides a Faster way to develop New Software Applications, and be the foundation for deployment of Standard Oracle Applications. CGI is using it internally as a platform for new development.

With CGI’s Fusion Factory you can:

  • Leave the competition behind by transforming your IT and improving productivity
  • Cut costs in software development and maintenance
  • Save time with cloud-based services and standardised, reusable components
  • Minimise risks with industrialised services and best practices
  • Get flexibility to re-engineer or re-design business processes