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Meet Poornima Rajendran. In this article she is sharing her experience with moving from India to Sweden to work at CGI. She is currently working with one of CGI Sweden´s major insurance clients as a software developer.

Please tell us a little about your background

I am from Coimbatore, India and I am an undergraduate in computer science and engineering. I work as a software developer and so far my main focus has been on insurance products.

What made you decide to move to Sweden and what is your current role at CGI?

I am a Senior Software Engineer. In 2019, I had an opportunity to work at CGI Stockholm for a period of six months. During that time, I had come to appreciate so many aspects of Sweden, for instance wonderful friends and colleagues, great work life balance, a very well organised public infrastructure and the scenic Scandinavian landscape. I was in love with this place from the get go. The choice to move here was really not a difficult decision for me to make.

What opportunities have you been given since working at CGI Sweden?

Working from here, I have got the opportunity to work directly with one of our biggest insurance clients. Often, I am able to be a part of more challenging development tasks, working alongside experienced colleagues whose expertise have directly impacted my own skill growth. I consider that in itself as the biggest career related opportunity.

What do you enjoy most in your role as a software developer at CGI?

As a software developer at CGI, I have not been strictly bound to do just that and that is a good thing. On numerous occasions, I have had the privilege to work on almost all the aspects of our product development. That gave me a chance to have a bigger picture of the insurance domain. This makes working here at CGI a lot more interesting that way.

What advice would you give to someone who is considering moving to another country for work?

I would say "Be a roman when you are in Rome". It was especially relevant to me because there is a lot of contrast between the way of life in my home country to the Swedish way of life. When I moved to Sweden, I made a conscious effort to be open minded and not letting the cultural differences play any part in how I experience the new country. I believe that made it easy to acclimate to life in Sweden.

Lastly, is Sweden how you expected it to be?

I thought I had some notion of what to expect when I visited Sweden the first time. No! Little did I know that I will be so mesmerized by the natural beauty of Scandinavia. I love the humble and committed people, the different seasons, chanterelle, wide green fields with deers, berries, boat trips to islands, costume parties, skating, auroras and what not.