Central markets

Building competitive energy market infrastructures

Liberalization and deregulation are giving rise to the development of competitive energy markets around the world in which utilities compete for customers and market share. The success of these central markets depends on commercial infrastructures that bring systems, data and market participants together to facilitate the efficient sale and purchase of energy products and services.

CGI has been at the forefront of building and running these infrastructures for more than two decades. We deliver and operate the core IT systems and business processes that support centralized energy markets across the globe, including in the UK, Netherlands, Czech Republic and Australia. In fact, we have built and currently operate the infrastructures for 12 of the 18 energy markets in the world today.

What we offer

Our end-to-end energy market infrastructure services and solutions encompass the following:

  • Strategic consulting: CGI consultants collaborate with market operators to choose and implement strategies and solutions that address their unique challenges and ensure the competitiveness and success of their markets.
  • Systems design and implementation: We design and build innovative energy market systems that manage data, processes and market participants—efficiently, flexibly and securely.
  • Business process services: We not only implement the IT systems to support central markets, but we also set up and manage on an ongoing basis the supporting business processes and workflows.
  • Business intelligence: We provide innovative data management solutions that collect and analyze industry, market, customer and energy data to help you make better business decisions in managing and growing your market.

The value we deliver

CGI is the world’s leading provider of energy market infrastructure services. We bring systems and processes together to build and run highly efficient and customer-centric infrastructures that drive market success.

Our solutions reduce the inherent data exchange and process complexity within energy markets to achieve the following benefits:

  • Improved data collection and analysis
  • Improved data transparency and access among all market participants
  • Faster processing time, thanks to real-time processing
  • Reduced processing errors
  • Enhanced flexibility, scalability and security
  • Lower infrastructure costs
  • Increased retail competition

Why CGI?

CGI’s experience and success in delivering central market systems is unmatched. We have implemented 12 of the 18 central energy market clearinghouses in the world and continue to operate a majority them. We have an in-depth understanding of market regulation, information management and security, as well as expertise in sectors such as financial services and telecommunications, all of which is vital for successful infrastructure management.

Highlights of our work and capabilities include the following:

  • Implementation of infrastructures for central market operators in the U.S., Belgium, Iceland, the Netherlands and Denmark
  • Designed and built 12 of the 18 central energy market systems in the world, with a majority still operated by CGI in multiple countries