The energy system must deal with new market dynamics, such as the rise of renewable energy, new and changing regulatory requirements, and evolving customer demands and expectations.

At the same time, businesses and consumers increasingly are relying on platform economics - driven by companies like Amazon, Google, Facebook and Uber - to facilitate their personal, social, professional, and political needs.

For traditional energy retail companies to sustain their future in this new world and become resilient to platform providers, especially in the “battle for the customer,” they need to adopt new business models and harness the benefits of platforms to create agility and economy of scale.

This white paper explores how energy retail platforms can help energy companies effectively manage these changing industry, market and regulatory dynamics. Our blueprint envisions energy retail platforms that overarch current local or domestic utility retailers, broker energy supply and demand, open doors to a broader portfolio of innovative energy products and services, and establish favorable earning models across multiple customer groups.

Download this white paper to learn about CGI’s blueprint for an energy retail platform.

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