Oil and gas in the U.S. 

Flexible solutions for cost-effective business decisions

To succeed in a dynamic market, oil and gas companies must enhance collaboration both internally and externally with partners and regulators. They must utilize technology to optimize their current business models "on the run," while developing new capabilities.

In the U.S., CGI has maintained a working relationship with the petroleum industry for 30 years. In an ever-changing energy environment, we have excelled at providing U.S. oil and gas producers with innovative and flexible solutions for making cost-effective decisions.

Globally, we serve operating companies, drillers and oilfield service firms with upstream, downstream, energy trading and risk management and M&A solutions and services.

U.S. upstream solution suite

As perhaps the most cost-effective solution to your back-office accounting needs, CGI offers a spectrum of managed services supplied by experts in the field. In today's world where costs must be kept in check, their professional expertise provides you with the assurance your financial accounting and regulatory reporting obligations are being handled as swiftly and efficiently as possible.

CGI's Exploration2Revenue™ (X2R) Business Suite* is an integrated portfolio of solutions and services designed for managing the upstream back office with greater agility, insight and cost efficiency. It includes modules for land management, field data capture, hydrocarbon accounting and financial accounting that can be deployed rapidly and supported from anywhere in the world.

X2R also can be part of our integrated business process outsourcing (BPO)/IT outsourcing (ITO) back-office solution, CGI AgileEnergy360.

Additional upstream solutions include:

  • CGI Map™, a GIS mapping tool that allows you to create polygons and maps both easily and accurately
  • PetroComp Accounting that manages everything from general accounting to joint venture accounting functions
  • PetroComp Land that manages oil and gas leases and other fee properties
*Replaces Horizon.