Digital Strategy & Culture in the U.S.

Assessing and prioritizing transformation approaches

A good strategy begins with a clear goal followed by specific actions. Before embarking on digital transformation initiatives, leading organizations first evaluate their approaches in light of opportunities and threats, including the evolving expectations of customers and citizens.

Strong digital cultures champion the digital journey through empowered leaders who encourage the creativity and innovation needed to propel it forward. Having a clearly defined digital strategy that addresses digital culture enables organizations to focus on what is most important, yielding several practical outcomes, including:

  • Renewed business clarity, prioritized business imperatives and key success measures
  • A realistic assessment of the current state: what’s working and what’s not
  • A vision of what needs to change and an articulation of the value of that change to key stakeholders
  • A comprehensive roadmap for how change is implemented across people, processes and technology
  • Cultural change plan to ensure changes are embedded and actionable
  • Direction about which digital and physical channels are most appropriate and when
  • Plan for using data analytics, IoT, cloud, automation, mobility, social media and other digital enablers to accelerate the transformation journey

CGI helps clients use a variety of tools to develop their digital strategies and roadmaps. These methods include: digital awareness sessions with leadership to provide a common view of digital opportunities/threats; value assessments of digital initiatives to quantify business impacts; critical information assessments to ensure IT aspects of the transformation are enabled; and user experience studies.

Digital solutions and the user experience (UX)

Digital solutions must provide simple, intuitive interfaces and embrace the intersection of digital and data, where an organization’s rich data assets and deep analytical capabilities enrich every part of the UX. 

  • Strategy: CGI understands the importance of a digital solution strategy. We first consider our clients’ real users and key stakeholders to understand the current state and what a future solution could accomplish. We set the vision and create a strategy that is relevant and realistic, focusing on the end goal and future state. These rapid projects often are created in 4-6 weeks and provide measurable objectives and precise next steps.
  • Implementation: We also implement digital solutions to deliver the right value and timing. Our engagements often include solution development, enablement and agile development. 
  • Ongoing support: The day a digital solution launches is only the beginning; it should evolve continuously to become even more valuable in the long-term. CGI’s digital solution support services help clients create lasting value through enhancements, agile implementation pods, cloud services and infrastructure solutions.