Agile & DevOps in the U.S.

Increasing the success of Agile and DevOps with a holistic, metrics-based view

As customer expectations and market disruptions continue to rise, organizations are seeking ways to speed time to market and create more responsive IT value streams. More than 60% of executives in the CGI Global 1000 outlook indicated that using agile methods to realize faster delivery was an increasing priority.

Many organizations have launched agile initiatives, and the complimentary practice of DevOps, to mixed results. For example, agile “pilot projects” supported by waterfall or portfolio structures cause misalignment with business stakeholders. Attempting to remediate this problem with poorly designed agile programs is disrupting the IT value stream.

CGI collaborates with clients to deliver a more holistic view, working within IT value streams to deploy consistent agile method adoption. We facilitate the right organizational design and coaching at the program and portfolio levels to generate true alignment, transparency and execution, allowing the business to reap the benefits that lean scaled agile should offer. 

Part of providing a consistent delivery engine is measurement, which is a core part of how we do business.

CGI Agile Offerings

CGI’s agile offerings are based on three pillars: value, metrics and value streams. Measuring everything in the value stream and, more importantly, measuring the right things to affect the change, creates alignment and drives value. Scaling lean agile is a key component that provides a foundation for digital transformation.

  • Lean Agile Enterprise Pivots – Pivoting to agile is an organizational transformation from the business to IT Operations and everywhere in between. CGI uses approaches such as our Change Adoption Management Program (CAMP) to provide guidance for pivoting to agile, leveraging fact-based decision making to drive transparency, work visualization across the enterprise and apply DevOps to achieve the greatest improvements.
  • Agile Core Education – A large part of the pivot to an agile organization is the right training at the right time. CGI provides public and private certification-based training in many Scaled Agile classes, from Leading SAFe, to Program/Product Owner to Scrum Master workshops that allow your teams to implement the key aspects of the Scaled Agile Framework to drive value at all levels.

CGI DevOps Offerings

  • End-to-end advisory and implementation – CGI supports our clients’ DevOps transitions with maturity assessments, transformational roadmaps, cultural and organizational change, process re-engineering and automation, transformation to quality engineering, shift to on-demand cloud-based solutions, KPI measurements and dashboards, tool chain selection, implementation, integration and managed services. These services, led by our DevOps champions, provide the atmosphere and expertise needed to transform into high-performing and high-quality DevOps engineering cultures. Regardless of software development methodology, we can partner with clients to automate and speed deployment-cycles and increase the quality of application releases.
  • DevOps and agile – At CGI, lean, scalable agile is about delivering value. How does an IT team deliver value to the end customer? They get working code and functions into production faster, and don’t just move code from one stage to another. DevOps is a core part of our lean agile practice because it releases trapped value and it improves flow. CGI has Lean Value Chains that analyze the code delivery systems of your organizations for transparency and identification of opportunities to increase quality, speed and value back to your business.