Digital Transformation

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NSW wanted to provide its citizens and businesses the convenience of digital self-service licensing. The Licence.NSW platform, powered by AMANDA, was implemented by CGI.

CGI helps Portugal’s gas transport operator to advance their digital transformation to enable a safe, secure and sustainable future.

As a forward-focused company facilitating 3.8 billion transactions a year for over 260,000 customers, PAYONE was looking to transform its operations to better serve customers by investing in new technologies. Using our modular cloud native and enterprise platform solution for...

CGI Business Consulting is partnering with GRDF, France’s leading gas distributor, in the digital transformation of their customer relations department.

CGI proposed an innovative remote work approach to help Kateri Hospital agilely overcome COVID-19 barriers. The approach involved a tool that facilitates remote design thinking collaboration, including brainstorming workshops and project checkpoints.

To support re-opening of the hospitality industry in Germany, CGI partnered with Hospitality Digital, a business unit of global wholesale and retail food specialist Metro AG, to develop a solution that enables restaurants to provide health officials with greater access...

In response to the economic hardships faced by Canadian citizens and businesses because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Minister of Finance contacted the heads of Canada’s largest banks to encourage flexibility in helping customers meet their financial obligations. At the...

When Shell Fleet Solutions wanted to launch an innovative and integrated next generation of their customer portal, CGI was the partner of choice.

HMCTS has launched a new digital service to improve the juror summoning process in England and Wales. This will transform the way citizens respond to their summons for jury service