Her Majesty's Courts and Tribunals Service (HMCTS) in the United Kingdom has launched a new digital service to improve the juror summoning process in England and Wales. This will transform the way citizens respond to their summons for jury service. The service will allow citizens to respond to their summons online, on their choice of device.

The need for change: cutting out paper and delay.

The jury summoning process was very paper intensive. Summons letters were sent to all potential jurors and follow up communications were made by telephone, email and post. User research found that many citizens would prefer the option to reply to their Jury Summons online, in line with their expectations of a modern public service.

So a new service was designed in line with the government service standard. This directly supports the HMCTS transformation program for the courts service across England and Wales - to modernize and simplify the justice experience for citizens and staff.

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Woman replying to Juror Summons on her phone
A more intuitive
and accessible
citizen experience
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Juror Digital is a great example of collaborative working between us and multiple suppliers, providing a digital solution for Jury Summonsing and improving the experience for citizens and HMCTS staff. The HMCTS led team have worked closely together throughout delivery and the use of open technologies and agile techniques enabled us to rapidly enhance the service in line with our business needs and feedback from users.

Geraint-Wyn Jenkins Head of Crime DCD, HM Courts & Tribunals Service