Since 1976, we are committed to being a partner, employer and investment of choice.

CGI was founded in 1976 in Québec City by Serge Godin and André Imbeau. At the time, “CGI” stood for “Conseillers en gestion et informatique,” which translates to “Consultants in management and information technology.” As we grew into a global company, we became known as simply CGI.

Today, there are 77,000 of us working across the globe. Together, CGI's professionals have built one of the leading end-to-end IT and business consulting services companies in the world with a long track record of service excellence, innovative services and solutions, and sustainable profitable growth.

CGI logo evolution



In its first 10 years, CGI developed a strategy, model and set of management principles that led to significant growth and continue to guide the company to this day—we call this The CGI Constitution. During this period, the IT services market was in its infancy. CGI evolved from a consulting company to a consulting and systems integration company.

By the end of the decade, clients began to consider outsourcing their IT functions and, in response, CGI developed a strategy to enter the emerging outsourcing market.


In 1986, CGI began to acquire outsourcing companies and also became a public company to finance them.

Through these acquisitions, we were able to offer clients end-to-end IT services, including technology and management consulting, systems integration and IT outsourcing services.

During this period, we also moved into the business process services market and positioned ourselves for the emerging trend toward globalization.

In 1992, the initial version of the CGI Management Foundation (PDF) was created to serve as the backbone for all management frameworks, policies and guidelines. This allowed CGI to make sound business decisions and continue to grow healthily.


By 1996, CGI's clientele included world leaders in our targeted industries, and our focus was on building critical mass in key client geographies, gaining a deep knowledge of clients' business sectors and developing specialized practices and innovative solutions.

With the IT industry rapidly maturing, and as globalization and consolidation increased, we focused on executing our "Build and Buy" growth strategy, expanding both through organic growth ("Build") and through acquisitions ("Buy")—a strategy that we follow to this day.


This decade marks a continued commitment to the fundamentals that help all of CGI's stakeholders succeed and the fulfillment of CGI's strategic objective of doubling the size of the company.

In 2010, CGI acquired Stanley Inc., including Stanley's subsidiary operations Oberon and Techrizon. The acquisition nearly doubled the size of CGI's U.S. operations. In addition, the combination of talent and capabilities created further opportunity for growth in the key U.S. federal market.

Two years later, we made our largest acquisition to date, acquiring the Anglo-Dutch business and technology services company Logica. The acquisition increased the size of our staff from 31,000 to 68,000 professionals and offered greater presence, service capabilities and expertise for our clients across the Americas, Europe and Asia. With this acquisition, we became the world's fifth largest independent IT and business consulting services firm in the world.

Today, with a presence in hundreds of locations worldwide, strong industry expertise, and end-to-end IT services, CGI is able to meet our clients' business needs anywhere, anytime. We continue to strive to be recognized by clients, members and shareholders as a world class IT and business consulting services leader. While remaining true to our Constitution, CGI continues to adapt to best respond to changes in the IT market, the local and global business climate of clients, and to our professionals' and shareholders' expectations.