Data center facilities management

Dedicated to performance and reliability

The data center is the heart of an organization, providing vital, round-the-clock availability for IT systems and services. With significant resources dedicated to data center performance and reliability, maximizing investments and achieving cost savings are critical business imperatives.

CGI's data center facilities management services and flexible technology infrastructure offer clients the optimal combination of onsite and offsite outsourcing service delivery. We understand the challenges in operating data centers--from capability and capacity management, to power and cooling, to carbon footprint constraints, to automation and service provisioning. Our annual, multi-million dollar investment program ensures that your business has access to best-in-class IT infrastructure services delivered from world-class facilities.

With global warming high on the world's agenda, energy efficiency is of growing importance, especially for activities that are large consumers of energy. Because data centers are major energy consumers, there is a growing demand from our clients to improve the energy efficiency of these facilities, and CGI is responding.

We have invested in global improvement programs for our data centers that are paying off in terms of improving service reliability and cost efficiency. Over the years, we have made substantial progress in developing high-density, energy-efficient data center facilities. Our work has won praise from both external consultants and clients alike, and has led to consulting work with clients on the design of their own data centers.

CGI is proud to be a member of the Uptime Institute. Both are global consortiums of IT companies and professionals seeking to improve uptime and energy efficiency in data centers and business computing ecosystems around the globe.

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