Health and human services solutions for U.S. state and local government

Reducing risk and improving outcomes through a ModernSITM approach

Big bang approaches to modernizing complex health and human services systems have been risky and costly propositions. Flexible, incremental approaches using modular components not only reduce risk but are more adaptable to change and can deliver earlier benefits.

Complex modernization programs require leadership across many stakeholders, experience in navigating requirements and expert integration of data across multi-vendor ecosystems.

CGI’s ModernSI approach provides not only for effective program management and governance of HHS IT projects, but also the critical work of data integration in an era of modular and agile deployments. 

With deep expertise in both HHS programs and technology, agencies trust CGI to deliver modern, best-fit integrated systems—and much more. We use leading-edge project management and systems integration tools and techniques to help clients achieve their transformation, compliance and service delivery goals. This includes building lean, phased implementation roadmaps that follow a modular vision.

As a solution independent integrator, CGI works with leading technologies, platforms and approaches, including COTS and framework products. This allows us to deliver practical innovation and best-fit solutions for each client organization.

Key capabilities include:

  • Enterprise program management office for large integration projects
  • Modular, incremental modernization approach for complex systems
  • Tested approach and tools to help government move toward agile development
  • Business process management for applications on client premises or in the cloud
  • Master data management and analytics to support customer-centric services
  • Child welfare system and child support enforcement expertise and partnerships
  • Patient-centered care management for healthcare delivery services
  • Customer service technologies, such as CGI Atlas360, and portal development that focus on self-help to reduce call center volumes and shorten average hold times for citizen services

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