Vice-President Charlotta Wark is head of banking for CGI’s operations in Sweden. With roots in business consulting and a career path that includes leadership roles such as chief marketing officer for international IT companies, Charlotta has extensive experience with problem solving and business development, particularly in terms of driving innovation. Charlotta is passionate about new development and rarely misses an opportunity to discuss how new technology is affecting our society—short- and long term. She describes her role today of leading CGI’s banking unit in Sweden as the “best job in the world.”

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‘Greenwashing’ is a bad strategy; we need sustainable finance

October 12, 2020 This CGI blog post discusses the need and opportunities for sustainable finance.

Banking and capital markets

Who pays in the cashless society?

September 25, 2019 A seemingly relentless march toward electronic money transfers across the globe means a significant decrease in transactions involving real cash. What is behind this move, especially when using cash is free and universally understood? What does it mean for banks?

Banking and capital markets