CGI All Payments

CGI All Payments is a modular, feature-rich platform that leverages a vast library of APIs and an optional SaaS deployment model to tailor the road to modernization to each organization’s specific needs. Find out how CGI All Payments can position your financial institution to enter new businesses, add/retain customers and sharpen your competitive edge.

Modern Technology Platform

CGI All Payments features an ISO 20022 native data structure and a technology stack that assembles and integrates industry-leading products that fully complement our payments hub. Fully API-enabled, this promotes back-office efficiencies and enhances the front-end experience for customers.

Scalability and Speed

Built for scalability, CGI All Payments delivers on-demand performance you can count on, adjusting processing power to scale up instantly when you need it and reducing the costs of increased capacity through efficiency gains.

Workflow Management

CGI All Payments can be deployed as a payments hub, with one or more integrated payment engines for the processing of real-time, wire and bulk payments. The solution’s built-in workflow engine automates payment processing to reduce manual intervention, improving straight-through processing (STP) rates across all payment types. By leveraging reusable frameworks for workflow orchestration, CGI All Payments can meet your needs now and is scalable to meet future growth.

Data Analytics

CGI All Payments combines deep knowledge of the payments industry with advanced analytics and business intelligence to produce meaningful business and performance metrics. Able to be integrated with existing enterprise business intelligence solutions, CGI All Payments generates highly customizable reports and visualizations, allowing the user to monitor business and operational metrics, as well as real-time and forecasted liquidity.

Data Transformation

CGI All Payments rationalizes proprietary and legacy formats into an ISO 20022 data structure, insulating existing systems from regulatory and payment network updates. Automated enrichment rules using public and private data sources reduce manual intervention and enable value-added services. Coupled with a rich catalog of APIs for internal, third party and customer integration, CGI All Payments facilitates digital business process evolution.


CGI All Payments is designed from the ground up for cloud deployment. As the first provider to implement a cloud-based payments solution, we’ll take you to the cloud seamlessly, migrating you safely, securely and without disruption. In addition, as an independent provider, CGI offers a solution that is fully deployable as a managed service across multiple cloud ecosystems (including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, as well as others) or within a private cloud.