cgi careers follow you passion

Follow your passion

As one of the world’s leading global IT and business consulting services firms, CGI works across the globe with a wide range of clients in a diverse set of industries. We also develop and deliver a vast array of business and technology solutions. We understand the demand for your experience and specialized expertise. Our commitment is to help you benefit from a variety of career and project opportunities. At CGI, you’re encouraged to choose your passion and evolve your career in line with your interests and goals.

cgi careers learn and lead

Continue to learn and lead

Learning is a never-ending endeavor for people who want to grow and enjoy new opportunities in the workplace. Regardless of your current level of career experience, there are always new skills to learn and projects to lead. CGI has built a work environment that encourages ongoing professional development. Our goal is to support your evolution in the workplace to ensure your career success and satisfaction, as well as provide clients with the “best of the best” in terms of talent and expertise.

CGI careers connect and collaborate

Connect and collaborate

At CGI, we understand that the best ideas come from active and open collaboration. Our work environment encourages our professionals to connect and collaborate, sharing a wide range of knowledge that can help us not only do our jobs better but enjoy them more. From our client-proximity model that develops deep local relationships to our global reach that brings insights from project experiences around the world, we put you in touch with the latest know-how in our dynamic and ever-evolving industry.