Recruiting scams have become more prevalent lately, and victims are contacted for fake job offers by someone posing as a legitimate institution to lure them into providing sensitive personal or financial information, send money or pay for activities related to the recruitment process.

In the cases of fraudulent job offers, organizations purporting to either work for or be affiliated with CGI, notify individuals that their qualifications were found suitable to work for CGI and solicit the transfer of money to pay for job applications, work permits, insurance policies and so on. Please note that CGI never asks any individuals to send money for a job offer. If you are contacted by a proposed representative of CGI via email, telephone, text or other communication method requesting money, please do not respond.

It is prudent to be wary of unsolicited offers with requests to provide personal information and payments. Be cautious of unsolicited or unexpected communications, especially those from unfamiliar names, websites, email addresses and free email accounts such as Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail (CGI emails always will be from the domain).

If you suspect fraud, report the incident to your local authorities, to help identifying fraudulent activity within your jurisdiction and avoid having other victims of the same scam.