We strongly believe that health and well-being are critical to the success of our professionals and of our organization. As part of our commitment, we have invested in a range of global and local programs, services and tools to help our professionals. For instance:

  • Mental Health Ambassadors network provides peer-to-peer mental health support and encourages a culture of openness around mental health. The network consists of volunteers across our global operations who are trained to support their colleagues. Our network of more than 800 Mental Health Ambassadors continues to expand across the globe.
  • Mental health awareness training enables our professionals to detect and recognize early signs of mental health challenges in peers, engage in empathic dialogue and refer them to available support and resources, including professional mental health experts.
  • Well-being Around the World is a special initiative designed to help our professionals better understand the importance of a healthy and balanced lifestyle and take steps toward improving their health and well-being. To make our health and well-being vision a reality, we have our own Health and Well-being Center of Expertise called Oxygen. Resourced by a global, multidisciplinary team specializing in workplace health and well-being, Oxygen uses proven strategies tailored to our professionals’ needs and interests.
  • Member Assistance Program – a service that provides our professionals and their families with 24/7, confidential and culturally relevant counseling, information and qualified referrals to support personal and professional challenges.
  • Oxygen Portal – an interactive platform that features a range of services, tools and information (e.g., webinars, booklets and articles) to help our professionals focus on their health and well-being.
  • Oxygen newsletters – a regular educational newsletter that informs our professionals about the latest health and well-being news and internal initiatives in their local regions.
  • Health and well-being learning platform – an on-demand global e-learning tool that provides a rich content library to support our professionals’ health and well-being learning needs.

“The physical and mental health of our professionals is paramount to our collective success. Our approach to health and well-being has a positive impact on our CGI members. That’s why we prioritize it at all levels, from discussions with the Board down to conversations with our members about how the tools and programs we offer can best meet their needs.”

Julie Godin

Co-Chair of the Board
Executive Vice-President, Strategic Planning and Corporate Development