B2C operations support

Improving B2C efficiencies, services and cost savings

CGI provides clients with comprehensive B2C operations support services, interacting directly on their behalf with customers and other parties. We process and fulfill customer transactions and service requests, both online and through our contact centers, and also handle customer billing processes.

Our services are supported by IP-based business platforms and a high level of automation. They extend across all industries and cover a wide range of technology areas, including cloud, big data analytics, mobility, Internet of Things (IoT), cybersecurity and outsourcing.

Representative examples of our B2C operations work in various industries are provided below.

  • Government assistance programs: CGI supports government and disaster relief agencies, providing claims, registration and payment services. We also process $2.7 billion annually in voucher payments for U.S. government housing agencies.
  • U.S. passports and visas: We support the processing of more than 15 million U.S. passport applications each year, handling inquiries, applications and passport delivery. Internationally, we play a key role in providing assistance to U.S. visa applicants in 70 countries, supporting 39 languages.
  • Smart metering: Our smart metering service provides clients with an advanced metering infrastructure and the capability to manage high volumes of smart meter data. This rapidly growing service is a market leader in the UK, with more than 52 million meters currently serviced. As the data service provider for the UK’s smart meter implementation program, we build and operate the central systems that send messages between meters and utility companies.
  • Health insurance services:We provide back-office services for health insurance providers, including enrollment, premium collection, audits claims administration and full customer care. We also provide advisory, enrollment, billing and reconciliation services for more than 50 million U.S. citizens and insurers under the Government Pharmacy Program (Medicare Part D). CGI is helping Colorado's health benefit exchange increase call center efficiency with our CGI Atlas360 omni-channel customer relationship management and business process solution.
  • Multi-function contact centers: Our multi-function contact centers, accessed by phone or portals, provide a structured approach to complex inquiries across finance, HR, procurement, IT and facilities to our clients’ employees worldwide. For Statoil, Norway’s largest company, we handle 840,000 inquiries annually from two sites in Norway and the Philippines.
  • Checkpoint inspection: Our web-enabled, cloud-based Checkpoint inspection services enable certified photos of secondhand cars to be taken at a network of locations and scanned to insurers, along with policy application documentation. 
  • Bank and card services: We serve more than one million card customers in the Nordic countries, providing application, collections, fraud management and contact center services. We process close to 90 million transactions a year, valued at more than $27 billion SEK. Our solutions cover loyalty/bonus cards, fuel cards and international cards like Visa and MasterCard. We also provide a hosted “bank-in-a-box” solution for multiple credit unions in Canada that services more than three million customers.
  • Regulatory reporting: Our bilingual end-user training and support, on client’s applications, serves securities commission customers across Canada. We provide technical field support and a customer contact center that processes over $180 million annually.

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