B2B operations support

Enhancing B2B performance across all industries

We provide full support for our clients’ business-to-business (B2B) operations—from the physical management of mailrooms, printing, scanning and defense logistics to the electronic management of payroll, HR, data exchange, fuel and loyalty cards, regulatory reporting and mandate management.

CGI’s B2B operations support services cover all industries and encompass a wide range of technology areas, including cloud, big data analytics, mobility, Internet of Things (IoT), cybersecurity and outsourcing.

Representative examples of our B2B operations work in various industries follow.


  • Production engineering, testing and logistics: CGI designs, implements and tests IT and communications equipment for the U.S. navy to ensure that it withstands military operating conditions. We maintain parts valued at more than $200 million in a secure 150,000 square foot warehouse with full radio frequency identification (RFID) tracking. Similarly, CGI also monitors over $14 billion  in inventory annually for the U.S. Army and U.S. Army Reserves, both in the U.S. and overseas.
  • Secure staff services: Our dedicated team of 400 professionals delivers  a full range of staff services to the U.S. Justice Department—all with the appropriate security clearances.
  • Mailroom services: We provide core mailroom services for the U.S. Justice Department. In the UK, CGI professionals mail between 80 to 100 million packages annually. We accept, security screen and deliver inbound mail and pre-sort outbound mail.


  • Energy markets: CGI has operated the UK wholesale market for electricity and gas producers and distributors for 12 years. More than £1.5 billion flows through our settlement process each year. This service earned us the BPS Contract of the Year award from the UK National Outsourcing Association in 2012. 


  • Enterprise content management: We process and disburse government incentives to health providers to encourage the increased use of electronic health records. Our support enables the sharing of three million annual diagnostic imaging examinations, connecting 20 hospital corporations covering a population of three million people, and interfacing with 52 different client systems.  

Oil and gas

  • Fuel and loyalty cards: We run the business platform and processes that support the fuel card operations of major fuel retailers, including Shell, valued at €20bn annually. A pioneer in card payment technology, CGI has developed its own industry-leading card payment system, WM-card, which covers all the major card payment functions.

Financial services

  • Mandate management: Our new business platform for mandate management enables banks and corporations to comply with new Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) regulations.
  • Insurance risk information management: In Canada, we collect, manage and protect policy and claims data for the P&C industry and offer solutions based on this data to help insurers better assess their risks. CGI also acts as a gateway for insurers to access government and third-party data with the goal of improving risk management.
  • Regulatory reporting: We operate the regulatory reporting and registration infrastructures for all of the securities commissions across Canada. CGI also processes all filings and disclosures and manages insider trading reporting and broker-dealer registrations for public companies and mutual funds.
  • Contact center: CGI provides contact center support for Portugal’s third largest bank and processes all loans and credit applications for the bank’s branches.

Manufacturing, retail, post and logistics

  • B2B data exchange: Our cloud-based services manage the electronic distribution of data and documents among multiple parties (92.5 million electronic transactions annually). We drive genuine business value through the provision of timely, accurate and standardized data. 


  • Scanning: A team of 100 CGI professionals in the Philippines verifies the accuracy of optical character recognition (OCR) data entry in multiple languages.
  • Printing: Our printing and finishing operations in Canada, Portugal, Sweden and the U.S., print more than two billion documents annually for various industries. Our printing services include document composition, print, mail, archiving, enterprise content management and multi-channel distribution.
  • Project services: A team of more than 250 professionals in the Philippines provides core program office services such as finance, scheduling, quality assurance and reporting to clients in more than 20 countries.
  • HR and payroll: Our HR outsourcing service for all industries operates on a range of platforms from onshore delivery centers and our HR Center of Excellence in Manila. The HR processes covered include on-boarding, payroll, employee records, absence, performance and talent management.

    As a part of HR and payroll services, CGI delivers over 2500 hours of e-learning to the UK Ministry of Defence annually, and in addition, data migration and training programs for 10,000 HR users in the French Army.  Our payroll services serve government and commercial clients in Canada, France, Sweden and the UK.

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