By 2020, the European Union (EU) aims to replace 80% of household electricity meters with smart meters. This is because smart meters are widely regarded as a key to reducing...

The 8th CGI Central Market Debate, attended by 50+ global industry experts, influencers and executives from across Europe, raised many such thought-provoking questions and discussions on trends, technologies and implementation...

As a result of local, residential photovoltaic (PV) and large offshore wind farms, power production has become more decentralized, increasingly unpredictable and geographically dependent. Take the example of German transmission...

The energy transition is driving a shift toward the increasing use of distributed energy resources (DERs). DERs are smaller power-generation resources, usually located on the consumer side, that provide energy...

In a couple of weeks, we will host the much-awaited annual CGI Central Market Debate. Now in its eighth year, the event brings together global energy experts and influencers to...

Centralized vs. blockchain: A head-to-head comparison of storage requirements

utilities industry icon
CGI’s Utilities Practice

In an earlier blog post, we addressed blockchain energy dependency. This time we take a look at blockchain storage requirements. Indeed, blockchain’s distributed data structure results in a significantly higher...

Delivering on the benefits of data: How utilities can get the first-mover advantage

Mattijs van den Hoed
Mattijs van den Hoed

I recently visited the old Philips industrial complex in Eindhoven in the Netherlands. It’s where I was invited as a student, along with a group of other young engineers, for...

Embracing digital technologies to build a low-carbon society: Are local energy communities the answer?

Jonathan Hobelman
Jonathan Hobelman

The European Union (EU) aims to become carbon neutral by 2050. This means pushing the envelope to find new and smarter ways to achieve this challenging climate change target. Are...

European Utility Week 2018: Top 5 takeaways and the call to ‘journey together’

Ansuman Patnaik
Ansuman Patnaik

This ancient African proverb sums up, quite accurately, the sentiment at the recently concluded European Utility Week (EUW) 2018. Among the event’s numerous sessions and conversations on the low carbon...

Having your debt collections cake and eating it, too

Philip Skinner
Philip Skinner

This CGI blog post discusses the ideal capabilities in a solution to modernize debt collections.