Across the globe, our consultants and professionals are actively engaged against climate change, both in developing solutions for our clients and supporting grass-roots initiatives in their communities. To build awareness and alignment with our environmental, social and governance (ESG) objectives, we create opportunities to inform, train, and motivate our CGI Partners* to act on climate change.

Enhancing awareness globally through training

For Earth Day and Earth Month 2023, our operations worldwide rallied around a common interest: how, together and individually, we can make a difference. We launched a new environmental well-being resource page on our internal health and well-being platform, Oxygen. We also introduced new ESG-focused e-learnings on our Academia learning portal: “ESG Fundamentals,” which covers what ESG means at CGI and reviews key principles, and “Environmental Fundamentals,”, which presents our environmental priorities, progress, and initiatives, along with ideas on how we all can effect change.

Cultivating a collective consciousness through local programs

In 2023, our local teams coordinated a variety of programs to further awareness and foster engagement for climate action.

  • CGI teams in France developed green skills training to build sustainability into various IT roles. They also formed a Responsible Digital Community to develop an internal knowledge network and share best practices.
  • No Planet B,” a volunteering program in the UK, supports sustainability practices year-round through different activities and initiatives. For example, Sustainability Roadshows explored lifestyle options and offered electric vehicle test drives.
  • Climate Fresk workshops in Canada and France used a challenge-based approach to help employees gain a deeper understanding of the science behind climate change, urging them to act with this new knowledge.
  • Our CGI Aromi solution team in Finland organized two employee awareness campaigns. April’s “Food Waste Week” explored how our intelligent enterprise solution uses real-time data to optimize food service processes and benefit the environment. “Meatless October” challenged CGI Partners to substitute red or white meat in their daily diet with fish or vegetables. By making these diet changes, our consultants and professionals reduced their carbon footprint and CO2e emissions.
  • Our Northwest and Central-East Europe operations organized a week of ESG-related activities for CGI Partners across regional operations focused on climate change awareness, with an informational series on conscious eating and drinking.
  • Our Scandinavia and Central Europe operations also sponsored a week devoted to ESG that included onsite events, pledge challenges, and presentations from eminent experts on environmental issues—all facilitated by a special “Sustainability Week” app.
  • In the U.S., Earth Month activities featured a CGI Partner-led panel discussion on living an environmentally sustainable lifestyle. Consultants and professionals also learned about CGI’s net-zero progress and how we are helping clients achieve their sustainability objectives.

Every effort toward protecting the environment makes a difference, and we value the dedication and commitment of our consultants and professionals.

Climate Fresk workshop in France with CGI Partners

*CGI Partner is a designation that expresses our unique culture of ownership and applies to our consultants and professionals in every role and every title within the company.