The global information technology industry faces significant challenges in fostering workforce diversity. In the U.S., Black, Latino and Indigenous individuals, women, economically underserved and people with disabilities remain vastly underrepresented in the industry. Addressing this challenge requires concerted efforts to foster inclusivity and create equal opportunities for individuals from all backgrounds.

Continuous engagement helps build long-term relationships

Our U.S. STEM@CGI program focuses on introducing, inspiring and mentoring students 18 and under who are part of groups underrepresented in STEM. The program exists to help close the opportunity gap and build a talent pipeline to bring diverse perspectives and insights to our clients.

As an extension of this program, we launched the STEM@CGI Bridge Program to engage these same students during their early university years. This program gives students access to mentorship, learning opportunities, career development training and industry experience. They also receive competitive remuneration.

Building bridges with diversity-centric internships

In early 2023, CGI welcomed six STEM@CGI Bridge interns to work on various CGI projects for eight weeks. Some of their work included making an inventory application for our STEM@CGI team, developing an environmental, social and governance (ESG) answer repository, and creating an agile environment for better project management.

Deonta Trim was one of the interns working for an agile support team in the U.S. In partnership with a community organization, A New Vision Leadership Foundation, we mentored Trim as part of the STEM@CGI program while he was in high school. Trim won the Congressional App Challenge for Louisiana’s Third Congressional District during the mentorship in 2017. He recently completed his second stint as a STEM@CGI Bridge Intern working with the Agile IQ Suite team.

Deonta Trim with his winning Congressional App Challenge team in 2017

Deonta Trim and his winning Congressional App Challenge team in 2017.

Deonta Trim helping at a STEM camp during his 2022 internship.

Deonta Trim helping at a STEM camp in his 2022 internship
Deonta Trim serving as an intern in the CGI Lafayette US Onshore Delivery Center in 2023

Deonta Trim working as an intern in the CGI Lafayette U.S. Onshore Delivery Center in 2023.


“The Bridge Internship is eye-opening. Not only has it opened a door full of opportunities for me, but it has given me the essential experience to ensure my career in technology flourishes. By working alongside creative consultants and problem-solvers, I have the tools and confidence needed to solve any problem that may find itself in front of me,” says Trim.

In the first half of 2024, our goal is to have at least eight Bridge interns working with four different teams at CGI.