Innovation thrives on diversity and the ability to harness the full spectrum of perspectives, competencies and experiences. However, while women account for 40-45% of the global workforce, that number drops to 25-30% within the technology sector. This lack of representation is also observed within leadership positions.

One of the ways we demonstrate our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) is through gender equality initiatives. This includes empowering and supporting our women professionals through mentoring, coaching and training programs. Mentoring programs, in particular, are a powerful tool to foster gender equity and inclusivity, facilitate knowledge transfer, and open up career pathways. They provide structured opportunities for individuals to connect, learn and grow, build their confidence and advance their careers.

These programs equip our women professionals to benefit from equal access to valued and promising professions and help us, as an organization, meet the evolving needs of our clients through innovative solutions that draw on diverse perspectives and insights.

We invest in mentoring programs across the globe to grow our diverse talent pool and cultivate the next generation of leaders. The following are examples of our women's mentoring programs around the world.

International Women’s Day 2024

To mark International Women’s Day on March 8, our Women’s Networks around the world have organized a global mentoring event to help inspire and enable the next generation of women leaders at CGI.

During the event, CGI leaders will facilitate a one-hour session with 1-3 CGI Partners, matched with mentors based on common areas of interest.

At the local level, CGI Partners are participating in panel discussions, “Ask me anything” sessions with leaders, regional awards, and more.

“Aspire Conquer Envision,” Rise fast into strategic excellence, and Career Relaunch (CaRe) - India

These three long-term mentoring programs for our women professionals in India focus on identifying and developing high-performing senior consultants, building effective leaders, and helping women prepare to return to work after maternity leave.

EmpowHER - Germany, Sweden and the Netherlands

Women professionals in Germany, the Netherlands and Sweden can join the EmpowHER program, which fosters leadership potential, expands professional networks, and develops the careers of women. With a focus on motivation, this six-month program for women at the senior consultant level and above consists of mentoring, workshops and networking events.

Speed mentoring: Canada

As part of speed mentoring sessions, leaders engage with small groups of women every quarter.

The A Effect – Canada, Estonia, Finland, France, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Poland and Spain

We also offer the A Effect (A for Ambition) program to promote gender equity and talent enablement. Initially launched in Canada in 2017, hundreds of CGI women professionals have graduated from the program so far.

Woman to Woman – Finland, Poland and the Baltics

Annually, senior women leaders and experts lead mentoring sessions covering topics such as networking and personal branding, developing leadership skills, and identifying and overcoming barriers to growth.

Women + Leadership Behaviors – U.S.

This small group mentoring program is dedicated to helping women understand expectations as they advance to senior leadership roles. The program includes 1:1 mentoring for women in collaboration with CGI affinity groups and participation in local “Women in Technology” programs and “Women in Leadership” conferences.

Women's Network Mentoring Program & Promotions Support – UK and Australia

The UK Women’s Network mentoring program gives our CGI Partners a chance to tap into the skills and knowledge of senior leaders to support their career development with face-to-face speed mentoring sessions. The program seeks to encourage CGI Partners to feel confident in coming forward for promotion opportunities to advance their careers.

Through all these programs, designed locally to address women's issues, CGI demonstrates that equality is essential to well-being, performance and the creation of an inclusive environment where every CGI associate has an equal opportunity to offer her/his point of view, to lead and to grow.

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