Enabling the seamless integration of women into the workforce after maternity leave is crucial to fostering greater gender equality and supporting economic progress. In India, even though the ratio of women in the IT industry is higher compared to other sectors, gender diversity challenges persist. One area that demands a stronger focus is supporting women returning to the workforce after maternity leave.

At CGI, we recognize this challenge and actively support women through this transformative period with our Career Relaunch (CaRe) Maternity program. The initiative is aimed at women who aspire to return to work following maternity leave. The goal is to empower them to reenter the workplace in a meaningful way that manages the professional, psychological and practical aspects of the transition.

CaRe Maternity starts with a post-maternity transition program available via our global learning platform, CGI Academia. This program includes topical training on:

  • Work-life integration and prioritization
  • Self-awareness and motivation
  • Personal productivity
  • Personal branding and assertiveness
  • Communication skills for stakeholder management
  • Fast-track domain and technology training
  • Proactive networking plan

The curriculum is tailored to help our professionals find a balance between managing their work responsibilities and acquiring new skills to advance their careers with the demands of caring for a newborn. More than 100 women registered for our CaRe Maternity program in the first year.

Along with supporting new mothers' return to work, we also offer CaRe Outreach, a program that invites all women IT professionals in India who aspire to return to work after a career break to join CGI.