Application development and maintenance

High-performance, outcome-driven systems

CGI’s approach to application development and maintenance extends beyond technology and cost reduction. We focus on delivering strategic business outcomes by helping clients fully maximize the value of their applications. Our application services cover all that is needed to build and maintain high-performance, outcome-driven applications that drive operational excellence and competitive advantage.

Unique features of our approach

CGI manages all phases of the application development and maintenance lifecycles. Unique features of our approach include the following:

  • Client-centric governance model: Ensures a strong focus on the right outcomes at the right time, the agility to quickly adapt to changing conditions, and efficient and accountable project management that leads to operational excellence
  • Innovation and transformation: Drives the development of new ideas and breakthrough solutions through close collaboration with clients, insight and thought leadership, CGI's ICE Program and centers of excellence, and partnerships with industry innovators
  • Application portfolio management: Enables clients to go beyond simple assessment and optimize the entire application portfolio in line with business objectives through a comprehensive methodology and supporting tools that drive smarter investment strategies
  • Results-driven performance: Uncovers the potential for business transformation by combining granular data analysis and collection with continuous business and IT alignment through CGI’s advanced methodologies
  • Global delivery model: Offers locally accountable teams backed by the best combination of onshore, nearshore and offshore delivery options to reduce costs and accelerate deliver
  • Staff transition: Ensures the smooth transfer of responsibilities and resources to CGI, while preserving client control and providing transitioned staff with optimal working conditions and career growth opportunities

Why CGI?

CGI has consistently achieved high client satisfaction ratings in building and running applications for leading organizations across the globe. Key reasons why clients value our application development and maintenance services include the following:

  • Deep industry and technical expertise: CGI experts go beyond the delivery of IT services by adding strategic business value based on their in-depth industry and technical know-how.
  • Best-in-class processes and tools: Our comprehensive set of best-practice processes, tools, methodologies, metrics and dashboards result in high productivity, quality and security.
  • Flexibility: We offer standard solutions and delivery options that can be customized to meet clients’ unique needs, along with a range of flexible contract and pricing arrangements.
  • Cost savings: Our services generate significant cost savings through increased productivity and quality, as well as accelerated delivery.
  • Security: CGI has the cybersecurity expertise, scope, scale and to ensure your application environments are secure.