What is CGI Credit Studio?

CGI is re-imagining the credit life cycle from originations and servicing to debt relief and recovery with CGI Credit Studio, a cloud-native platform powered by intelligent automation and machine learning (ML) that includes software, business processes and underlying IT in a single, cohesive suite. The CGI Credit Studio offers: 

  • Accelerated time-to-value without the hassle of disruptive upgrades
  • A modular, event-driven, cloud-native platform
  • ML and AI-driven insights to deliver a hyper-personalized customer experience
  • Current and compliant functionality

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collections cost savings
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implementations for some of the world’s largest organizations

A robust end-to-end credit solution with omni-channel customer communications

Event-based at its core, the modular platform enables the deployment of discrete business services simply and quickly. Configurable using visual process mapping tools, the platform kick-starts your digital transformation, reduces the total cost of ownership and allows organizations to drive value in as little as two to three months. 

  • Pre-configured workflows
  • Delivered with embedded decision engine, ML algorithms, self-service, virtual agent and collections BI Datamart
  • Open architecture, open standards works with preferred development frameworks
  • Robust API set
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Key benefits and features of CGI Credit Studio

Designed to be the last major upgrade you’ll ever have. Always current, CGI Credit Studio is a modular solution, optimized to reduce implementation timelines and total cost of ownership while quickly delivering business outcomes. Utilizing open, industry-standard tools, CGI Credit Studio integrates seamlessly with external systems and helps clients harness their data to make more informed decisions about their customers, operations and the business.

Eases the burden of legacy systems

by simplifying and modernizing the infrastructure to enable digitization, adapt to market demands and scale to handle increased volume

Meets customer expectations

by enabling a hyper-personalized experience allowing real-time interaction via their preferred channel

Addresses mounting regulatory changes

by ensuring compliance with constantly changing Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and state-specific consumer protection measures

Significantly reduces operational costs

by providing self-service everything and virtual agents to manage attrition and promote an omnichannel environment

CGI is a global leader in innovative technology solutions and business consulting. We bring unique end-to-end capabilities that combine a leading platform and applications with systems integration and support services for long-term partnerships with our credit and collections clients. We are reinventing and re-imaging our credit solution to bring a modern, innovative platform to market. CGI Credit Studio is unlike anything you’ve seen from us - or anyone else - yet built with the same ingenuity and innovation clients have grown to expect from CGI.

Delivery success

100% delivery success with a dedicated practice in collections, recovery and default management

Results driven

Over $1 trillion in outstanding debt processed daily for the world’s largest financial institutions

Trusted advisor

We are your trusted advisor continuing to lead the industry in credit innovation.


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