School children working in a classroom using handheld devices

CGI’s child support solution leverages a modern platform and our industry expertise to deliver a solution that puts families first. 

Our platform not only empowers parents to pay and receive support with intuitive mobile access and a user-friendly experience but also supports your program at every level with data-driven insights, streamlined operations, and integration capabilities. 

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CGI industry experience differentiators

CGI has built deep public sector domain expertise, process knowledge, and best practices through over 40 years of delivering technology and consulting services for state and local government. We understand the unique needs of government and have a proven track record of helping agencies across the U.S. improve citizen services and increase efficiency through successful digital transformation programs.

Group of school children engaging in an activity using tablets.

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Engage parents

Connect parents and families to vital child support program elements through a straightforward user experience and real-time critical case data, making participation easier and more transparent.

Empower employees

Enable caseworker activities by developing smartly driven prompts using case, program, and policy data. Automate extraneous data entry on cases to allow caseworkers more time to assess situations and remedies instead of generating documentation and repetitive case entries. Engage robotic technologies and artificial intelligence to further automate and streamline processes.

Make child support operations efficient

Leverage child support system capabilities to support, simplify, and streamline configurations including validation, reconciliation, data entry, and case support processes.

Elevate families with an equity-based lens

Utilize our deep child support and human-centered design expertise to deliver a solution that assists parents in understanding the process, additional services such as SNAP and Child Care that they may qualify for, and real-in-time payment status. Integrate mobile payment providers to increase compliance with financial obligations. Offer flexibility to meet families' needs, including in-kind payment options, thresholds for enforcement tools, and a la carte enforcement possibilities.