In an effort to improve its digital footprint to meet tough regulatory compliance deadlines, Vantage Bank Texas turned to CGI. Implementing CGI All Payments platform-as-a-service, the bank was able to modernize its payments ecosystem—from contract signing to go-live—in just four months.

Replacing payment channels

Driven by end-of-life contracts with existing payment vendors, Vantage Bank Texas had a narrow window to replace payment channels and comply with regulatory change. The bank also faced the challenge of inefficient payment processing—from front-end channels to back-end systems.

4 months
Modernizing the bank’s entire payments ecosystem—from signing to go-live—in just four months

Implementing in just four months

We integrated CGI All Payments into the bank’s existing payments ecosystem, enabling it to interface with bank’s back-end and new front-end applications, in just four months. The bank quickly benefited from this new modern payment platform, reducing payment friction and improving payment efficiencies for wires and U.S. low value payments.

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Delivering value

The bank benefited from the following with CGI All Payments:

  • Increased straight-through processing, providing a more streamlined payment business flow that enables the bank to respond quickly to customer needs and provide a better customer experience
  • Reduced overhead operation and IT costs, increasing efficiencies for both front- and back-office operations
  • Expansion of the bank’s digital footprint with faster payments
  • Improved readiness in adopting new industry standards and regulatory requirements