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CGI has created a virtual reality (VR) environment in a pro-bono project for Bettridge School, a school for children with Special Educational Needs (SEN).

For most of us, a visit to our local supermarket is an everyday occurrence but for some of the students at Bettridge School it can be a confusing and stressful experience. A CGI researcher in our Emerging Technology Lab in...

Ever wondered how a bot understands so many different accents and dialects? In this podcast our experts discuss this and many other aspects that need to be considered to make a great bot.

Our experts, Cheryl and Chidi discuss the elements of great bot design – one of the most overlooked areas of Conversational AI.

Paul Parker
Paul Parker

Why machine learning projects fail and how to make them succeed

16 August 2022 In this blog, Paul explains the challenges that come with Machine Learning projects, outlining the reasons why many of them fail, and highlighting the steps that organisations can take to ensure they succeed.

Tara McGeehan
Tara McGeehan

Welcome to the metaverse: pathways to unlock value

01 July 2022 Tara McGeehan introduces the metaverse and her perspective on how it is evolving and where the subsequent opportunities are coming from.

In partnership with CBI, we are proud to launch the CBI Be More Green Toolkit which outlines the importance of businesses innovating to decarbonise and to become more sustainable.