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The 5G lab will feature the Nokia Digital Automation Cloud (DAC) solution that provides secure industrial-grade private wireless networks with local edge computing capabilities to accelerate the deployment and digitalisation potential of 5G.

Operational Technology (OT) is evolving fast. So we’ve introduced CGI Machine Vision; an edge compute, hardware and software stack that can be applied to Internet of Things (IoT) centric vision oriented problems. It uses innovative deep neural net AI technology...

Neville Richards
Neville Richards

Harnessing the power of Operational Technology (OT) insights to forecast and prevent events

13 July 2021 Neville RIchards explains Operational Technology (OT) and where and how it can be implemented. He highlights the great opportunity that it presents, especially to help organisations tackle operational problems and process data more efficiently.

In today’s digital world, the customer/citizen and employee experience can make or break a business. We help clients understand the unique aspects of their industry, market and stakeholders through insight that drives unique experiences and ultimately business value.

Joao Mouco
João Mouco

What do you know about quantum computing?

23 June 2021 Emerging technologies expert, Joao Mouco discusses the very current topic of quantum computing and analyses its pros and cons.

Kelvin Kwok
Kelvin Kwok

The Future of Work: Why businesses need to prepare for time wasting

21 June 2021 Kelvin Kwok explores how technological advances could affect our personal, and in turn professional lives. How could the Future of Work look when cutting-edge technology is fully integrated into our working day, and how will humans use the extra time...

Our ‘Let’s talk DevOps’ video looks at the areas we can help with and examples of real outcomes.