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Kyle Burke
Kyle Burke

Enterprise strategies for digital transformation

23 October 2023 This blog explores essential digital transformation strategies that have been proven to work from the experience of our Agile Digital Leaders and Enterprise Coaches, and in particular what opportunities this presents for your business.

See how CGI helps clients deliver the solutions that transform the essential services we rely on

Jeff Wollen of MCC joins CGI’s Tara McGeehan to discuss the breadth and depth of talent that CGI has brought as we enter into the third year of our partnership.

Rich Buckley
Rich Buckley

How will Generative AI assist software development?

21 July 2023 Like many curious engineers, I have been playing with ChatGPT since late 2022, before it received widespread publicity, adoption, and notoriety. At recent Google IO and Microsoft Build conferences, both companies demonstrated products using Generative AI models to change how...

CGI member Quebei Mitchell explores why non-binary visibility, representation, and inclusion are so important in the modern workplace and gives an insight into their personal experience coming out as non-binary at CGI.

Generative AI has created lots of excitement but there are also concerns about the rate of development. How do we manage and mitigate the risks that this new flavour of AI brings?

Our experts discuss the importance of building quality processes to change work, deriving value from sustainable improvements, while enhancing the experience for both employees and customers.