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We explore what Operational Technology is and how contemporary businesses can make the best use of it in this podcast with Steve Evans and Neville Richards.

CGI is delighted to be partnering with North-East based tech network, Dynamo, to run a ‘Design Thinking Automation Bootcamp’ for businesses to explore the challenge of how and when to automate effectively.

CGI Senior Consultant and Certified Cyber Professional, Adam Pickering, has been appointed to the role of Chapter Lead at Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP).

CGI has committed to helping Dynamo with the resources required to grow the Health Tech Cluster over the next twelve months, which will enable to continue their important work to build to North East’s IT digital sector.

CGI will join Northumbrian Water once again at the company’s Innovation Festival, which will take place entirely digitally, between 14-17 September 2020. This year marks the fourth consecutive year of CGI sponsorship and our design sprint will focus on the...

We are very excited to have joined TechMarketView’s Innovation Partner Programme, as CGI is building an extended regional Ecosystem aligned to Emerging Technologies to accelerate the Digital Transformation of key sectors across the North of England.

What will it take to achieve the government’s target of 100 per cent 5G coverage by 2033? Discover how we can make the UK a leading 5G nation.

The Times Scotland The Times Scotland , 2nd December 2014 Business Insight report REPORT SYNOPSIS: CGI’s Chris George, VP Public Sector Scotland talks to the Times Scotland about the problems facing cities for the future and how technologies such as...