We are proud to announce that CGI Senior Consultant and Certified Cyber Professional, Adam Pickering, has been appointed to the role of Chapter Lead at the Newcastle division of Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP). OWASP is a global non-profit tech organisation with a division in the North East of England, which CGI joined earlier this year as part of our commitment to promote technology, business and community growth in the North of England.

OWASP works to improve the security of software through its community-led open source software project. The organisation has hundreds of chapters worldwide, tens of thousands of members, and hosts industry-leading educational and training conferences, both locally and globally.

Adam brings a wealth of experience in nuanced areas of Information and Cyber Security, which will be instrumental in charting the path forward for OWASP in this field. Part of Adam’s new role will be to facilitate OWASP’s bi-monthly chapter meetings.

Adam has been an active member of OWASP for the last two years and is looking forward to taking a leading role in championing the OWASP project across the North East, with CGI very much at the forefront on our journey to support and develop the North East tech sector and its communities.

For the most up to date information about OWASP’s upcoming events, visit the OWASP website.

To find out more about CGI’s relationship with OWASP, contact Mark Thompson.

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