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Accelerating your ambition towards a self-serve, insight-driven operation.

The advent of quantum computing is both a business risk and opportunity that needs to be addressed with a clear-eyed view through the hype. What is it all about?

For most of us, a visit to our local supermarket is an everyday occurrence but for some of the students at Bettridge School it can be a confusing and stressful experience. A CGI researcher in our Emerging Technology Lab in...

In a digital society people are connected 24/7 and expect to do what they want. Our Conversational AI practice provides the strategy, systems, processes and tools you need to automate communications and provide human-like conversational interactions while reducing costs.

Transforming the university campus experience with technologies that enable seamless, efficient operations, and inspire and motivate students, staff and the locality.

Rapid innovation and prototyping is now a strategic imperative for organisations. Leveraging CGI’s innovation sprint approach and prototyping labs, organisations can rapidly shape and validate future solutions.

Operational Technology (OT) is evolving fast. So we’ve introduced CGI Machine Vision; an edge compute, hardware and software stack that can be applied to Internet of Things (IoT) centric vision oriented problems. It uses innovative deep neural net AI technology...

This brochure explores how accelerating the adoption of automation can allow for better delivery of in class service, operational excellence and a hybrid workforce.

Workforce automation, and the use of software robotics, will be one of the biggest technology disruptors over the next decade. Using the right technology, you could automate more than half of your processes — giving you a competitive advantage by...