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Rich Buckley
Rich Buckley

How will Generative AI assist software development?

21 July 2023 Like many curious engineers, I have been playing with ChatGPT since late 2022, before it received widespread publicity, adoption, and notoriety. At recent Google IO and Microsoft Build conferences, both companies demonstrated products using Generative AI models to change how...

Every year over 15 million NHS appointments are missed, resulting in a staggering £450m being wasted. Imagine how much time and effort could be saved if patients could confirm, cancel and reschedule medical appointments with a simple text message. Watch...

ChatGPT has quickly brought AI to the masses with over 100 million users just 2 months after launching. What will the impact be on Conversational AI development?

In this new podcast our experts discuss the importance of access to systems to create meaningful interactions and measurable outcomes for customers.

David Watts
David Watts

Why banking’s Conversational AI technology can bring real justice to all users of the Criminal Justice System

18 November 2022 What should the Criminal Justice System of tomorrow look like? And what can be done today to drive the change needed for it to become a reality? I want to end Digital Justice Week by urging people to be bold...

Ever wondered how a bot understands so many different accents and dialects? In this podcast our experts discuss this and many other aspects that need to be considered to make a great bot.

Examining the future of contact centres - how can they move from being a necessary cost to a revenue generator for the business.