What did you do before joining CGI?

Before joining CGI, I worked as a production planner at Astra Zeneca, where I came in contact with SAP for the first time.

Why did you choose to apply for the Accelerate program?

After working on the business side, I wanted to try out the consulting profession to get a greater variety in working life and help companies with improvement projects. Therefore, the Accelerate program seemed like an interesting alternative.

What was the best thing about the program?

The program made it possible for me to quickly enter the consulting profession through relevant training and a mentor who gave me good insights to what it means to work as an SAP consultant. You expand your network with very talented and competent people, and of course all the fun After Works!

I wanted to try out the consulting profession to get more variety in my work. That's why I chose the Accelerate program.

What was most challenging?

The high pace, the combination of being in customer projects, being trained in SAP and general consulting. However, it was worth it because in one year I got to learn a lot about SAP and the consulting profession. I quickly felt safe being on customer assignments.

What knowledge did you get from the program?

The Accelerate program and the consulting profession as a whole takes one out of their safety zone. It has given me experience in roles and industries that I do not think I would have come in contact with otherwise. During my year at Accelerate, I got to broaden my knowledge by working as a system tester at Fora, which has operations in the pension and insurance industry.

For those who want to work with SAP as consultants, I cannot imagine a better start to their career, than SAP Accelerate.

What is your role today?

At the moment I am on a customer assignment where I support production planners during a "go live" project in SAP S/4HANA.

What is the best thing about being a consultant?

The best thing is the variety that comes with taking on new projects and helping companies with their change projects. You constantly learn new things and develop.

What certifications have you taken, for example in S/4?

During my year at the Accelerate program, I took an SAP S/4 certificate in the manufacturing module.

Do you recommend applying to Accelerate and why?

Absolutely. For those who want to work with SAP as a consultant, I cannot imagine a better start to their career. You get to learn about consulting, be certified in SAP and be out in exciting customer projects, while you get the support of an experienced mentor.

What do you do in your spare time?

I spend my spare time cooking and traveling – my dream destination right now is Costa Rica.