Welcome to a webinar based on CGI's unique cloud adoption framework Plan. Build. Run.

Cloud usage on enterprise level is growing rapidly and for good reason. With the flexibility and scalability offered by cloud, businesses and organizations can harness new technologies, increase resiliency and adapt to changing demands at an unprecedented level.

In this webinar, CGI cloud experts Jens Christian Volhøj and René Lykkeskov address some of the important issues to consider when embarking on your cloud adoption journey. Jens Christian and René will walk you through topics such as aligning your business and cloud strategies, establishing a cloud center of excellence and challenge your view on regulatory compliance.

This webinar is the first in a series of webinars based on CGI's unique cloud adoption framework 'Plan. Build. Run.' and focuses on the first phase, Plan. We encourage you to keep an eye out for future CGI webinars for even more insights that will help you build a solid foundation for your cloud enabled business.

Your key takeaways

  • Insights you can act on: Expert views on the relationship between business strategy and cloud strategy.

  • Input and tips for getting your organization cloud ready.

  • Inspiration to take a different view on "the burden of compliance"


09.00-09.05 Welcome by moderator


09.05-09.35 The successful cloud adoption journey and how to reach your strategic goals

What makes the journey to cloud successful? And how do you ensure that cloud supports your strategic goals? Important considerations to help you get off to a good start.

René Lykkeskov, Director, Head of Business Development & M&A CGI.

09.35-10.05 Prepare your organization with a cloud center of excellence

To reap the full benefits of cloud, your organization must be cloud ready. Learn why a cloud center of excellence is of utmost importance for your organization - and how to build it.

Jens Christian Volhøj, Director, Cloud Practice CGI.

10.05-10.35 The value of regulatory compliance

Compliance is troublesome and time consuming, right? Not necessarily. Learn how you can gain value from your compliance work and make regulatory compliance work in your favor on your cloud adoption journey.

Jens Christian Volhøj and Rene Lykkeskov.

10.35-10.45 Round up by moderator


10.45 Thank you for today

Thank your for attending the webinar!


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