IAM Overview is one of many services from CGI in the area of Identity and Access Management. The IAM Overview Service is a general Identity and Access Management survey and a good first step to get in control of the IAM area within an organization. Regardless if the aim is efficiency or compliance fulfillment, the IAM Overview gives the organization a starting point on how to approach the IAM area. After completing the IAM Overview, a comprehensive current situation report and maturity grade is provided together with prioritized incentives and goals for the IAM area. CGI’s IAM Overview Service results in a customized roadmap and recommendations on possible further steps towards achieving the established objectives and goals.


In the experience of CGI, there are a number of complications when it comes to creating a common IAM view within an organization. Some of the challenges are:

  • A fragmented picture of the IAM area and vague common objectives
  • Challenging to take full advantage of investment in the IAM area
  • Challenging to evaluate the correct effort in order to increase the business benefits and efficiency
  • Challenging to get the involved parties to understand their roles and responsibilities
  • Challenging to get the involved parties to work together toward common goals
  • Challenging to live up to and fulfill compliance to regulatory requirements and laws

IAM Overview is a service to perform a general survey of Identity and Access Management within an organization to get an outline of the current situation within the area. The following is investigated and defined:

  • Maturity Grade
  • Prioritized Drivers
  • Ambitions
  • Goals

The result of the IAM Overview is presented in a set of recommendations together with a customized roadmap for how to continue the work within the IAM area.

The CGI IAM Overview is established on:

  • CGI Best Practice
  • ISO27001:2006
  • Enterprise Architecture principles