IAM Deep Analysis is one of many CGI services within the area of Identity and Access Management. IAM Deep Analysis is a prolongation of CGI’s service IAM Overview, where current situation, maturity grade, business drivers and objective are surveyed at a superficial level. The purpose of IAM Deep Analysis is to analyze, re-structure and document the processes where identity and access information is processed according to the objectives and ambitions stated in the IAM Overview. In parallel, a technical requirements and infrastructure survey is executed. The IAM Deep Analysis result is the foundation for solution implementations within the IAM area. By following the recommended methodology, it is possible to ensure that business needs and requirements are taken care of and fulfilled in IAM solutions.


CGI has a proven concept for how to work with IAM from a holistic perspective. In the processes where identity and access information is managed, are analyzed and approached based on who is controlling and responsible, what the organization around the process looks like and what kind of information flows through the process. The customized roadmap created in the IAM Overview service is used as the starting point since it contains information on identified weaknesses and deficiencies and in which prioritization order they should be executed in. This makes it possible to delimit and focus the effort within IAM Deep Analysis.

IAM Deep Analysis addresses pain points discovered through the IAM Overview Service by

  • Analysing
  • Re-structuring
  • Documenting

processes where identity and access information is processed.

The results from IAM Deep Analysis are:

  • Control over processes where identity and access information is processed
  • Specification of business requirements in the IAM area.
  • Specification of technical requirements for design of IT-solutions within the IAM area