Balance is key to success in a world of change and opportunity

Geopolitical risks, economic upheaval, social uncertainties, technological acceleration and environmental demands are confronting all organizations on all continents.

These macro trends are driving transformational change—from digitization to reimagining value chains as well as business and operating models—to become more agile, resilient and sustainable.

In fact, from the 1,695 executives we spoke with for the 2022 CGI Voice of Our Clients, 91% say they have a digital strategy in place at some level. But how many of these efforts are successful?

  • Only 25% say they are producing expected results from their digital strategies. We refer to these organizations as digital leaders.
  • At the same time, 21% say their business model is highly agile to address digitization. We refer to these organizations as business agility leaders. Among these, 40% are producing results from their digital strategies. Business agility leaders sense and respond to change at speed and scale to accelerate value creation.

The vast majority of organizations must continue to work to become more digital and agile to meet customer and citizen expectations. Digital leaders and business agility leaders also must continue to advance.

The best performers recognize that, when choosing opportunities, they must understand the connections and strike the right balance in their choices and decisions. This means allocating the right resources and investments to maximize shared value.

In this paper, we explore the attributes of both digital leaders and business agility leaders and share ways to continuously seize the right opportunities. This paper is designed for organizations that need to accelerate their results as well as for high performers that need to maintain their leadership positions.