Managing and extracting value from data continues to be a challenge for many oil and gas companies.

CGI is member of The Open Group OSDU™ Forum, a cross-industry collaboration comprising over 200 organizations that has built an open exploration and production data platform to accelerate innovation and transformation in the industry.

At CGI, we recognize that implementing your own OSDU Data Platform requires significant investment in time and resources. We also understand the need to capitalize quickly on the benefits of the OSDU Data Platform.

CGI Pivot offers an instant and cost-effective SaaS-based implementation of the OSDU Data Platform that helps you unlock the value of data in minutes and make fast, insight-led business decisions. It provides the subsurface community—from oil and gas operators to renewables organizations to academic institutions—an easy and low risk starting point to explore and migrate to the OSDU Data Platform.

Watch this video to learn more about CGI Pivot and its key benefits.