Cloud-Native Development

Maximizing the speed and scalability of the cloud

Enterprises can accelerate innovation, take advantage of elastic infrastructure and better manage costs by moving the right workloads into public or private clouds through implementing a cloud-native application platform.

CGI can help you develop a cloud-native development strategy optimized for your business goals, IT skillsets and existing infrastructure. We can also develop new applications or build an actionable plan to migrate your existing applications to an optimal mix of public and private clouds to realize the benefits of cloud while avoiding provider lock-in.

Why cloud-native?

In the early days of cloud, public cloud providers offered the promise of getting an initial application version to market quickly. In many cases, however, teams building these cloud-based applications lacked the experience or mindset to “build in” scalable features to meet demand when the applications became successful.

Cloud-native application platforms, also called platform-as-a-service (PaaS), enable rapid application build and deployment using cloud infrastructure, while also delivering the robust scalability, health monitoring and dynamic provisioning required for web-scale operations. Some of the popular PaaS offerings today are built on the Cloud Foundry open source project, providing an open cloud platform that enterprises can use on-premises or in one of several public clouds.

Why integrate?

Too often with software-as-a-service (SaaS) implementations, organizations do not realize the full value of the application because it is not integrated with other relevant applications, databases and processes running in the enterprise. CGI experts have experience extending SaaS solutions to help you rapidly create scalable, robust integrations with your cloud-based and mission-critical applications.

We assist with cloud-native development projects during the initial phase of vendor selection through the setup, migration and implementation of the platform. Our cloud-native development services include:

  • Initial cloud-native strategy and roadmap
  • Cloud platform vendor evaluation and selection
  • Triage of existing applications to determine feasibility for cloud-native transformation
  • Transformation and migration of existing applications to cloud-native applications
  • Development of new cloud-native applications
  • Integration of existing enterprise applications and services with applications deployed to a cloud-native platform
  • Implementation of Cloud Foundry solutions including Pivotal Cloud Foundry and open source
  • Implementation of Kubernetes, Red Hat Openshift and other emerging solutions
  • CloudLaunch Cloud Foundry Quick Start Service