CGI in Waterville, Maine

Creating quality jobs and world-class IT through U.S. onshore delivery

Opened in January 2016, CGI’s U.S. IT onshore delivery center in Waterville, Maine, is one of six such centers providing high-quality, lower-cost delivery of CGI’s full suite of services while also creating good jobs in American communities.

The center in Waterville develops digital solutions and expert information management capabilities tailored to advance business strategies for government, life sciences, financial services and other commercial clients to meet the needs of a rapidly changing digital world.

Key areas of focus include data visualization, user experience design and validation, data warehousing and business intelligence solutions, as well as complex data design and integration and advanced analytics.

Join us. CGI has committed to creating 200 jobs in Waterville and is seeking qualified college graduates and experienced IT professionals to join our Waterville team. Our Strategic Onboarding Assimilation and Readiness (SOAR) Program provides college graduates the opportunity to learn and grow professionally. Some immediate openings include:

  • Business/Systems Analysts
  • ETL Developers
  • BI Developers
  • Java Developers
  • .NET Developers
  • QA Analysts

Partner in the community. Located in downtown Waterville, CGI’s center is the first such delivery center in the region, aligning with the region’s economic and culture revitalization goals. CGI has partnered with the area’s local colleges such as Colby College, and is leveraging Colby’s valuable research and innovation capabilities to create high-value digital solutions. CGI and its members in Waterville are active members of the community. 


Career opportunities in Waterville, ME

Career opportunities in Waterville, ME

CGI’s Bill Roubichaud, Sr. at a news conference in Waterville

Press conference announcing the Waterville office. More news

CGI’s U.S. onshore delivery centers

CGI’s U.S. onshore delivery centers