Specially designed for the Canadian mortgage securitization industry

What is SwixMortgage?

SwixMortgageTM is a powerful mortgage-backed securities & mortgage investor management system specialized for the Canadian market (CMHC). Java-based and state of the art, this system enables financial institutions to automate the processes of mortgage securitization and investor portfolio management.

SwixMortgage includes mortgage-pool creation and selection, pool administration, automated investor remittance processing, and investor asset management functions. SwixMortgage provides full automation of the securitization and pool maintenance tasks, thus removing financial institutions' biggest barriers to increased issue volume. Moreover, financial institutions can expect cost savings and multiple gains in the pooling of assets and the issuance of securities to finance those assets. The SwixMortgage platform uses a modular approach, making it easy to add additional asset classes and functionality.

How does SwixMortgage work?

SwixMortgage is based on a next generation server-side Java/Struts framework, allowing for easy deployment, maintenance, and hosted implementations. SwixMortgage can run on a desktop or in a browser with a zero-footprint installation profile. The end user application can be accessed via a Web browser or a dedicated desktop application.

SwixMortgage interfaces with financial institutions' lending portfolio administration systems, providing increased efficiencies in the transfer of data and limiting double keying.


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